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Here are some frequently asked questions:

1.  How do we recycle toner cartridges on campus?

Canon toner cartridgesToner cartridges







Answer:  As seen and indicated on the Guidelines page, large printer and or copier toner can be recycled by returning them to our current office supply vendor.  It is suggested to use the box from the new cartridge and mark it for Recycling.  Place this in an area where the vendor can collect it when they are already in your office dropping off new products.

2.  Is it true that pizza boxes are trash?

Pizza box


Answer:  Yes, here at TCNJ pizza boxes are trash.  The recycling guidelines at your house may be very different than here at TCNJ.  Please make sure to review the Recycling Guidelines.

3.  How do I know what number plastic I have?

Answer:  On the bottom of the bottle or on the sides, you will see a number surrounded by three arrows in the shape of a triangle, like these:

Numbers surrounded with a shape of a triangle

Here at TCNJ we recycle #1 through #4 in our blue recycling containers.