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Faculty Recycling Ideas

There are some specific ways that TCNJ Faculty members can improve the TCNJ On-campus Recycling Program:

  1. Three arrowing folding into a triangle symbolizing recycling. Ask your students to submit their assignments to the dropbox in SOCS, rather than asking them to print all of them.
  2. Get educated! Check out for a complete description of the TCNJ Recycling Program guidelines. The “Office Recycling” link on the left side of the homepage provides a printable PDF document that clearly outlines what can and cannot be recycled on campus.
  3. Include in your syllabi that students should widen the margins of all assignments to 1 inch on all sides. The default setting for Microsoft Word is 1 in. on the top and bottom, but 1.25 in. on the left and right. Making this seemingly small change will allow students to fit more text on each page and print fewer pages. This will reduce paper waste. It is important to set this standard in your syllabi because students often do not widen the margins because they worry that they will be penalized when their papers look shorter than those of their peers. Students will be more likely to make this change if it is a requirement for all assignments.
  4. Rather than buying and disposing of single-use beverage cups and bottles everyday, invest in a reusable mug and/or water bottle that can be reused on a daily basis. Most, if not all hot beverage vendors, including the dining services staff at TCNJ, will gladly allow you to fill your reusable mugs. They will simply charge you the amount of the paper cup to which the reusable mug is closest. Remember- recycling should be the last option. Try to reduce and reuse first.Three arrowing folding into a triangle symbolizing recycling surrounded by the words "Recycle, reuse, and reduce."
  5. Make sure to recycle all large copier/ printer/ fax toners by sending them ba ck to Office Max. Small printer inkjet cartridges should come with small bags in which to return/ recycle them. If not, there are bags on campus. Please visit for more details.
  6. Getting ready to move your office or for spring-cleaning? If so, call Grounds for large pickups of paper recycling at x2353. Please visit for more information.

Click here to download a printable PDF flyer of this information